Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 October, 1910

Enjoying a nice hot cocoa. 

My thoughts have been very much with those left at home. I do wonder how Amundsen's getting on. I have to say, I am rather relieved that his interests are so  much up North; I would have to have him as a rival. One Shackleton's enough, thank you. 

There's always the nagging doubt that whomever has been before you is not being entirely truthful about what they've achieved. Did Peary really reach the Pole? I'm sure Amundsen felt richly cheated when he heard the news. How awful that must be. 

That's him and his party at the Pole in the picture. 

I've never understood how Peary could have chosen a negro to accompany him. What was he thinking? For one thing, it does not look good for our race. We can't have people like that thinking they can lead expeditions all of a sudden. I suppose Henson will want to be honored for his part, too. I can't see that happening any time soon! Whatever next!
 Matthew Henson

"The Pole at last!!! The prize of 3 centuries, my dream and ambition for 23 years. Mine at last." - Admiral Robert Peary, April, 1909

Still, how I would like to be able to write the same in my journal come spring a few years hence. It's already mine: I can feel it. 

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