Saturday, October 3, 2009

3rd October, 1910

Getting the hang of this blog thing. I rather like the imperative to write something down each day about my activities and thoughts. Not so sure about this typing lark though -- it takes me ages to find the right key. I much prefer to write by hand. I have been told my penmanship is notoriously bad though. 

I will start my official Captain's Log once we set sail from New Zealand, when the expedition begins proper. I've already contracted with Smith, Elder to publish an account of the expedition, and if it's anything like Discovery, it will be a huge bestseller. Maybe I'll be able to re-coup some of the money I have yet to raise to support this little venture. 

I have encouraged the men to keep journals as well. The Navy requires all officers to do so, of course. We'll use ink at base, but pencil on sledging trips, so the writing is protected against wetness. I've brought lovely small red journals for this purpose and a carrying pouch to put them in. 

I've always secretly fancied myself a writer. How odd it is that you are reading this. Thank goodness no-one will read my journals, and that I'll get a chance to develop a proper narrative from them once we return home. 

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