Saturday, October 24, 2009

24 October, 1910

Kathleen's a bit sea-sick. Yet another reason why women could never make good traveling companions. Imagine a ship manned entirely by women sailors! Absurd! 

She's getting a bit down in the mouth about our pending separation, but I remind her she knew I was a seaman when she met me, and that she encouraged me to pursue this expedition. 

She wants me to name some new bit of land after her, but I explained that's not how it works. It's all rather formulaic and regimented now. She says she can be named under provision A of the Second Order which states that a feature may be named after anyone whose "outstanding heroism, skill, spirit or labor has made signal contribution to the success of an expedition." She says her encouragement and sacrifice should be counted as such a contribution. Well, I wish it were so. But as it stands, the first thing I get to name on this trip will be after Teddy Evans. 

One has to do things by the book, especially when it comes to procedure. One cannot forget that one's superiors are always looking over one's shoulder. 

She mumbled from the bed "what about Queen Victoria Land, then?" but I let it go. 

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