Monday, October 12, 2009

13 October, 1910

The first thing I did was show Gran the cable. He's a Norwegian, after all, and might have some insight. He had none. Seemed as astonished as I was. Did question the date though. Suggested I wire Nansen and ask him. 

Have decided not to share it with the men for a while -- it will only upset things. There is absolutely nothing about it in any of the papers. One would think that if he'd announced an expedition there would be news. Where is he going? It's a big place. 

It's good to be on dry land but to be honest, this has put me all at sea. Spent all these years competing with Shackleton and didn't contemplate Amundsen. No wonder the SOB refused to meet me when I visited his home in Norway. I stood there waiting, for hours. 

Hours, I sat in his drawing room, watching the fjord at the foot of his garden flow by. Come all that way. Beg my leave, my ass. 

Have to buck myself up for all sorts of fancy socializing with Admiral Poore and the like. Smile and shake hands.


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