Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 October, 1910

Have been planning for the ponies. Hope Meares was able to get good ones. I specifically asked him to buy white ponies, as Shackleton's dark ones all died first. The white ones must like the snow better. I budgeted for 19, but they've got a damned long journey from Siberia to New Zealand, so I hope he doesn't lose any along the way. We can't afford any losses. 

Once they join us, Oates will be in charge, seeing as he's the cavalry man. He keeps asking me about the forage we're taking for them, as if I don't know how to calculate food for horses. I do find it rather trying. 

The picture was all I could find, and it's not of ponies. They are a few of Shackleton's dogs from Quail Island, taken before Nimrod. 

We've had schools from around the country sponsor them - and the dogs, and the tents, sledges, and sleeping bags, even! In return for their donation, they get to name the item in question. The children seemed very keen. I didn't tell them we were going to eat them, though. They might have found that a bit distasteful. 

I'm sure when the time comes, we'll find it delicious. 

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