Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 October, 1910

Decisions, decisions. 

Have decided not to tell anyone anything. 

I'm replacing Rennick with Bowers as Quartermaster. The little fellow's capacity for organization and endurance is remarkable. Rennick took the news well. 

The Terra Nova is off to New Zealand so they can get to the arduous business or unpacking and re-stocking, as well as repairing the meddlesome leaks. She'll be in dry dock for a while.

There is rumour of a Japanese expedition to Antarctica -- what on earth are they doing there? It's a very long way from Japan. Have no idea why a small island nation would care so much about this vast landmass so far away. Still, you can't fathom the Nips. 

I hate having to go about with my hat in hand, but that's what I am called upon to do. Asking for money is rather a grotesque thing for a gentleman to do, but we have no choice; the expedition is badly underfunded. Wonder if we can scare up some funds on the basis of competition from the Japanese? Surely Empire still means something. What laughing stocks we would be if they got anywhere! Well, it's only a theory. 

Wonder who sent that damn cable. Amundsen has a brother, hasn't he? 

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