Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 October, 1910

We are making good time and near Melbourne. Everything's been very orderly so far, I hope we shan't have any surprises. The women will be waiting. I do wonder why they see the need to follow us half way around the globe just to attend a few parties and pose for a photograph on deck. 

On the one hand, certainly, it is enjoyable to have the comfort of your wife while on dry land, and particularly so when one considers the three years or so til you get to be with her again, which for a man is an awfully long time. But one has to be especially careful to avoid leaving her in a delicate state to face all by herself. One simply must exert control. 

I suppose that the unmarried men suffer somewhat, and I do hope they are careful to avoid picking up anything that might be carried with us where no real medical help is available. 

I must talk to them about it. 

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