Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 September, 1910

Thinking about ships. Terra Nova means "new earth." I wonder if we'll find any? Odd name for a Dundee Whaler, though. Discovery was a grand vessel; you really felt like you could discover things in her. Victory is a good name. Endeavor, too. My favorites have to be Erebus and Terror, though, James Clark Ross's ships. Imagine captaining the Erebus? He's the son of chaos! The only thing better than that is Terror -- that'll put the fear of God into anyone. Hello natives: I have arrived on your shores in Terror

Francis Crozier was a lucky fellow. We plan to winter at Cape Crozier if we can land there. I wonder if there will ever be anything named after me? 

Come to think of it, Fram is a really good name too. Wonder how Amundsen's getting on with his plans for the North? Forward is always a good way to go. 

Nansen loved that ship. It was built with a rounded hull to resist crushing by pack ice. 

Terra Nova leaks everywhere. We'll be lucky if we get to any land at all, new or not. 

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