Thursday, September 17, 2009

17th September, 1910

I must say, all the men get along splendidly and are in good spirits. It is so very important for there not to be squabbling and dissent among the ranks. This young Cherry fellow is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; volunteers for everything. 

Birdie Bowers is also proving to be a real find: endless energy and a good head for organization. Funny, because he doesn't look the type to be very good at anything. He's very short, for one thing. And all that red hair! 

I wonder what that chap who took all of our measurements on the docks would make of it. He had some theory about how the color of one one's hair, skin and eyes made you a leader of men. I'd be interested to find out his conclusions when we return. 

Of course, Bowers has a lot to say about anyone with different coloring than us. Still, you have to give a man his due; he's had to work among them. All that time in India and the Gulf must account for something. Mind you, he hates the Irish and Russians and the Italians and the Portugese and the Spanish and the French, of course. And Asiatics. The Germans he will tolerate solely because they produced Martin Luther. Other than that, he calls them "sausage-eaters." 

Speaking of which, there goes the bell. 

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