Friday, September 18, 2009

18th September, 1910

Latitude 39 degrees, 20 minutes
Longtitude 66 degrees, 9 minutes East

What a long way we are from home. I understand why Kathleen wanted to come along, but don't know how she can leave the baby at home for so long. We've both missed his first birthday. 

I wonder what mischief she's up to with Wilson and the other wives. For some reason she's always getting into spats with the wives. Some women are like that, though —they just can't get along. Thank God women don't come on expeditions; it would be a disaster. I can't imagine anything worse than having females around to get on your nerves. At least with men you know where you are. 

Well, I'll see her in Melbourne. Hope she doesn't make a scene when we dock. 

There's nothing at all to look at, just waves. Endless waves. How odd it is to be a sailor and spend all day doing a desk doing paperwork.

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