Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16th September, 1910

 It's become clear to me that the Terra Nova is no Discovery. Everything breaks; the men are "black as Kaffirs" Bowers said (he's so funny) from shoveling coal and pumping bilge; the waves toss her about like nobody's business; and we're all very cramped. We're going to have to get work done in New Zealand if she's to survive the south. 

Nevertheless, the men are all good sports about it. Teddy Evans showed off one of his party tricks after dinner last night: lifting men clear off the ground by their belts with his teeth! There was much giggling among the ranks. Oates seemed to enjoy it. One has to allow the men to have their fun, but one is not allowed to participate, of course. 

One would rather have liked to, though. 

Oh! Bowers informs me that he's packed three dozen tin-openers, which will be more than one each for the shore party, so no worries there. 

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