Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept 13, 1910: En route to New Zealand

My publisher has provided me with this laptop and encouraged me to "blog" about the expedition. Says it will get people interested and allow them to follow along etc etc. I've only just figured out how to turn the thing on, to be honest. Had to get one of the ratings to help me. Chap seemed to know his way around the buttons and whatnot. 

It's been windy since we left the Cape -- terrible sudden gale today, nearly knocked men off the rigging. Good to be aboard, finally, and in charge. The lads seem to have gotten on alright without me. They play this game called "Furl" which involves madly ripping each other's clothes off. Seems harmless and not remotely homoerotic at all. I don't join in of course, though it looks like good fun. Thank goodness the women have gone on separately with Wilson. 

Couple of new chaps joined us in South Africa, the paying ones. Oates and Cherry-Garrard. Not sure how much use they'll be. The one's got a limp and the other can't see further than his own nose. Maybe I can put him to work writing or something. 

I have a very good feeling about this mission. Fate is on our side this time. We are going to be the first men at the Pole, I just know it. 

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