Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 October, 1919

All this rich food. Been up all night with indigestion. 

There's nothing more dispiriting than to have a useless or careless cook on an expedition such as this. I certainly hope we have engaged a better one than last time -- I had to clap him in irons, I recall. First he cook the meat the same way every meal -- fried it -- then got us all sick because he used filthy pots to cook in, and he thawed the meat out without regard to blood pouring from the carcass and through the floorboards -- and to top it all off, the derelict refused to get up to work. Simply refused. 

Am a bit sore in other areas as well, truth be told. Kathleen's a bit of a workhorse. I do hope the men are being careful. I gave them a good talking-to before we landed. You never know, though, especially with the lower deck. 

Had to send that cook home because he had syphilis. 

Wonder what happened to him. 

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