Friday, October 16, 2009

16 October, 1910

"Fram proceeding Antarctic." 

Does this mean he's abandoned his Northern project? Is he coming to McMurdo? Is he going to the Weddell Sea? These expeditions take years of planning. Why on earth did no-one know of this until now? How much does Nansen know? Clement will be furious. I will have to find out what Scott Keltie has to say. Is Shackleton in on it? I am putting on my best face because frankly, I have had no sleep since this happened. 

Between this and Kathleen. 

I'm certain Amundsen is not such a blackguard that he would try for the Pole knowing full well that is our objective. 

I'm also certain that he would, knowing how devastated he was by Peary's success at the North Pole, which had always been one of his goals. 

I'm going to try to catch a nap while she's out. Blessed peace and quiet. 

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