Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 January, 1911

Tried out a pair of pony snow-shoes this afternoon on Weary Willie, and the effect was magical! He was able to walk easily in places where before he's floundered woefully. Why didn't we think of this before? Oates is very circumspect about them, but once I discovered that snow-shoes for all the ponies had been left at Cape Evans, I immediately sent Meares and Wilson back the 20 miles to fetch them.

There was not a lot we can do in the meantime. I do hope the ice hasn't gone out and that they can both get to and back from Cape Evans to rejoin us.

Atkinson's heel is suppurating, reportedly.

All this bother about feet! I made a crack about Douglas Mawson but no-one appeared to think it very funny. He was offered a place on this expedition but the bugger turned me down! He had terrible trouble with his feet when Shackleton had him on Nimrod. One of his soles actually fell off returning from the Magnetic Pole! I think he had to tie it back on to his foot with a bandage of some sort. I mean the actual sole of his foot, not the sole of his boot.

Some people have no sense of humor.

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