Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 January, 1911

Now that we have a home, I have been distributing all of our gear. The sledging gear and wintering boots are wonderful. We are delighted with everything. We have felt boots and slippers from Jaeger, plus wind clothes and fur mitts. Tonight we overhauled and served out two pairs of Finnesko (fur boots) to each traveller. At first I thought them too small, but once you work your foot in and warm it up a little it loosens and fits perfectly. I am thinking of using putties to secure our wind trousers to the finnesko.

Our clothing is as good as good. In fact, first and last, running through the whole extent of our outfit, I can say with some pride that there is not a single arrangement which I would have altered.

Atkinson has discovered a new parasite in the intestines of an Emperor penguin.

The pianola has been erected by Rennick. I sense the entire company is looking forward to using it. One cannot be in this vast desolate place without music.

Gran has been putting "record" on the ski runners. It is a mixture of vegetable tar, paraffin, soft soap, and linseed oil, with some patent addition which prevents freezing — this according to Gran. I overheard him referring to it as "sex wax" which is the way of these young vulgar chaps, I suppose. How it could possibly help the skis run I don't know. Between you and me, I think he's just trying to be seen to be busy.

We had some seal rissoles today so extraordinarily well cooked that it was impossible to distinguish them from the best beef rissoles. I played a joke on a few of the men by not telling them. It is the first time I have tasted seal without being aware of its particular flavor. Good old Clissold.

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