Monday, January 11, 2010

11 January, 1911

The blizzard arrived as expected and we weren't able to make any journeys today. Instead, all hands turned to help Davies with the interior of our hut; tonight all the match-boarding is complete, and the floor linoleum is all that remains to be put down.

I sent two or three chaps out to dig a cave out of some solid ice behind the hut for use as our larder. We presumed the ice to be very ancient, but came across skua feathers buried inside it, so we're wrong on that score.

I went out to the ship after the blizzard abated so see how they were doing. The good weather seems to have returned, and I trust that it may last for a few days at least.

Looking forward to moving inside the hut. Can't wait to assemble all my books and photos around me.

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