Thursday, January 28, 2010

29 January, 1911

Read prayers after breakfast. It's not my cup of tea, particularly, but the men like it and I enjoy the duty.

Ponies and dogs all running well. The dogs went much further than expected and are getting into better condition every day. They took loads all the way to Safety Camp, the place on the Barrier we have designated as being "safe" if and when the sea ice finally goes out. We will store a depot there, and we can rest as long as we like before setting off again.

One can sometimes hear strange sounds when lying in one's sleeping bag on the sea ice. It sounds like the yawning howl one sometimes gets in the bowels of a ship. The endless fathoms of utterly unexplored sea that lie directly below gives one pause and doesn't bear thinking about. What strange and fearsome creatures live there, as yet unseen by man?

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