Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 January, 1911

We took up our abode in the hut today and are simply overwhelmed with its comfort. I suppose this is understandable given the conditions under which we've been living for the last two weeks.

I have instructed Bowers to build a bulkhead of cases which shuts off the officers' space from the men's, as I am quite sure to the satisfaction of both. You can see it on Cherry's diagram. I have the most spacious quarters, of course, and Wilson and Evans are in front of me. There is a dormitory arrangement behind my den with room for five men; this I have allotted to Bowers, Oates, Atkinson, Meares and Cherry-Garrard, all of whom are special friends. They have already made their quarters very habitable. I hear them joking that they are in "the Tenements." Simpson and Wright are with their instruments in their corner. The scientists Day and Nelson are in their lab near the big window. Debenham, Taylor and Gran are next to this; their space is part dorm, part workshop. Ponting is in his darkroom.

It is wonderful to see well everyone works together and with what good cheer they do it. All work is volunteer. Some argue that this allows the lazy to slack off and the bulk of the work to be carried out by those who simply can't say no, but I rather like to see who steps up to the mark. Bowers, for example can be found at almost any time of day and night toiling at something or other. Cherry will do anything you ask of him and looks dead-beat by the end of every day. Gran goes scarce when he might prove useful.

It snowed hard all night, giving us about 4 inches of soft snow. The ice is giving out at the ship and it can't be long til they are able to release anchor and get about to a more sheltered position nearer our camp.

Tonight it is blowing hard. The ponies don't like the wind, but they are standing up to the cold wonderfully and all their sores are healed up.

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