Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 January, 1911

Finally! We got a note from the ship today that almost everything is landed. All we have left is some mutton, books, pictures and the pianola! We shall wait til the hut is finished before moving in. Now begins the work of loading 30 tons of ballast onto the ship for its return to New Zealand. The ponies and dogs haven't finished their work yet!

Took the dogs out today in Siberian formation but feel rather useless as I kept forgetting all the commands in Russian at critical moments.

Have been discussing the upcoming depot journey with Bowers. He really is a treasure -- enters into one's ideas at once, and evidently thoroughly understands the principles of the game.

Tomorrow I shall take Meares and the dogs over to Hut Point to see if the ice is good.

What's Russian for hurry-up? Wish there was someone who spoke the damn language with us.

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