Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 January, 1911

Aren't we a motley bunch?

After writing all my letters and completing arrangements for the ship, I bid the various parties and men a fond adieu. Pennell had brought the men aft so I could thank them for their splendid work. They have behaved like bricks and a finer lot of fellows never sailed in a ship. It was good to get their hearty send-off.

The Terra Nova carries two parties:

The Eastern Party under Campbell which shall explore King Edward VII Land. He has with him Priestly, Levick, Abbott, Browning, and Dickason.

The First Western Geological Party have sailed on to Butter Point, opposite Cape Evans on the mainland, and consists of Taylor, Debenham, Wright, and Edgar Evans.

A group has gone to Cape Royds on a ten-day photographic excursion, and includes Ponting, assisted by Nelson, Day and Lashly.

Our base at Cape Evans is being held by Simpson, Clissold, Hooper, and Anton.

Meanwhile, our Depot Party includes: Myself, Wilson, Teddy Evans, Bowers, Oates, Meares, Atkinson, Cherry-Garrard, Gran, Keohane, Crean, Forde, and Demitri.

So here we are with out loads. One wonders what the upshot will be. I do hope our 8 ponies come through, I have the utmost confidence in them. It should take us three days to get to complete safety before the sea ice we travel on breaks up.

Ponting got all of our photographs before we set off. I do hate posing for pictures.

Captain Oates, reluctant to have his photograph taken as always.

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