Monday, November 9, 2009

9 November, 1910

Maintaining peak physical fitness is obviously of first importance in an venture like ours. There will be long months of total darkness and extreme cold; that can't be an excuse not to exercise like men. I expect everyone to do their part to remain healthy enough for the manhauling season. 

I have no doubt that I shall be able to set a god example for the men, but I do worry about some of the lesser types. 

Staying physically fit is only half the story, however. Diet and nutrition is just as important. It is to that end that I have maintained all along that we should feel as if we are eating exactly the same way we would at home. On the ice we will be on sledging rations, certainly, but in the hut we shall forget we are anywhere exceptional. 

We shall still live like men. 
Plug Tobacco ... 200lbs
Capstan ... 200lbs
Waverley Mixture ... 200lbs
Maspero Freres Cigarettes ... 10,000
Three Castles ... 5,000

Oh, and that should read "good," above. 

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