Sunday, November 1, 2009

1 November, 1910

November at last! We must sail this month if we are to get in a depot-laying journey before the winter sets in. 

How good it is to be with the men again. Bowers is an absolute brick; a whirl of energy and I feel entirely confident trusting him with our stores and provisions. He is unloading them all according to two groups -- red boxes and green -- for our party and the Northern party. What a clever idea! We have with us very generous supplies provided by certain companies who see fit to have us photograph ourselves using said items, so that they may benefit from the advertising afterwards. Hence Heinz and Colmans stamped on so many of our boxes. 

It is quite sobering to see it all laid out on the dock like that, however; knowing this is everything you will have to survive on for two or three years (apart from what seal and penguin we shall kill). 

He keeps meticulous log books of it all, too, numbered by crate and contents, which is another very good idea. Would hate to lose track of what we have where. 

Let me tell you, it's no fun to open an unmarked tin to find it contains not at all what you hoped was inside it. 

It's a challenge for the cook, too. 

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