Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 November, 1910

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Just a foul mood. Don't know why. Am going to try to stay out of people's way. 

Have been looking over Bowers's Stores List and seeing that among the two tons of jam we're taking, not a single jar of honey. Yes, I said two tons. 

Golden Syrup ... 1,000 lbs
Marmalade ... 700 lbs
Red Currant Jelly ... 300lbs
Strawberry Jam ... 600 lbs
Raspberry Jam ... 400 lbs
Black Current Jam ... 300 lbs
Blackberry and Apple Jam ... 600 lbs
Apricot Jam ... 400 lbs. 

It's not his fault, of course, but do we really need half a ton of Golden Syrup? Is Lyle sponsoring this? 

I suppose they are. We'll have to take photographs of us eating it. I bet it lasts forever though. 

Out of the strong came forth sweetness.
I am trying. 

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