Tuesday, November 24, 2009

22 November, 1910

The dogs and wives are getting nippy. Am busier than ever trying to make sure we have everything in order and she won't leave me alone. She gave me lovely photographs to put in my den at the hut. She's having a rather awful time with Hilda Evans -- there is much tension in the air, and Bowers alway seems to go very quiet when K is around. She did a very nice thing, though: she got all the men's initials and sewed them into their clothing.

It is odd, though -- with Kathleen one never doubts the depth of her feeling and commitment, yet there runs underneath at all times a suggestion of her maintaining flirtations with others. It's nothing you can put a finger on. That letter she received from a would-be-suitor on her voyage over ruffled my feathers a bit, but she assured me it was nothing.

Perhaps it is merely the sculptress in her that causes her to look at other men. And she looks.

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