Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 November, 1910

The carpenters are doing a mock erection of the hut, marking all the wood, then re-packing it so that they can build quickly once we arrive. It's going to be a veritable palace. Not a big palace, and without toilet facilities, but we shall all be comfortable enough. I have decided that we shall preserve shipboard custom and divide the hut into two domains; the officers quarters and separate accommodations for the sailors and men. They shall eat at their own table, too. Everyone will be more comfortable that way. You can't have the classes mixing willy-nilly and getting beyond their station all cooped up like that for so long. 

I shall have my own sleeping quarters, naturally. 
It will be good to be able to lock myself away as necessary. 

Kathleen delights in all the activity at the docks, and enlivens the men as they work. 

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