Friday, November 20, 2009

20 November, 1910

I have instructed the officers to keep diaries, and to that end, have issued them journals in which to write in ink at the base, and smaller pocket-sized journals for sledging. Wilson, of course, likes to bring drawing books he can paint in. I myself have a very nice ink pot with my name inscribed on the base. I shall begin my journal in earnest once we sail next week.

I wonder if I will approach it any differently this time, given my experience writing up the Discovery voyage from my notes last time around? I expect so. I think this time I shall make the entries closer to how I would like them produced in the book, which shall make my work less arduous upon my return. Smith, Elder, have of course contracted with me for this volume.

Arrangements have also been made with certain people in the Press for exclusive rights to first word of our return, which shall of course be coded to avoid interception and pre-emption of our contract.

Wilson, I expect, will publish a memoir of the journey complete with his charming illustrations, and no doubt some of the scientific staff will publish their work. It's hard to say if we have any other writers among us, however. I suspect not.

It's all rather exciting.

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