Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 November, 1910

The season advances, and we all are getting restless to leave. Re-stowing the ship is going well: Bowers has done a splendid job. 

That ship cost us 12,500 pounds, a large chunk of our total monies. We have made a great deal of adjustment to her to accommodate our needs: pony stalls having been built and an icehouse erected on deck. 

How ironic that all the while we shall be aboard her, and thus on "new earth," we shall in fact be on water. We will be taking soundings to see how far the sea floor is below us, and of course to indicate when we reach the continental shelf. 

What a sight she looks in the harbour. She sits right now, but the more that's put on board, the lower she sinks. It's a bit worrying, to be perfectly honest, but i shan't tell anyone, and neither should you. 

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