Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23 November, 1910

Am still very puzzled by Nansen's reply to my cable asking what he knows of Amundsen's plans: "Unknown." How can that possibly be? Even Keltie in London is unsure. There must be rumors aplenty. There is no news of his having stopped anywhere in these Antipodes, and Keltie can only guess that he left Madeira in October.

Yet more nonsense on the wives front: it seems that they simply cannot abide one another. It does make it rather a chore, as each man must be seen to support his wife in public even as they are fighting like cats behind the scenes. Teddy Evans is in quite a spot. I'm not sure I trust him, entirely. He likes to be in charge, and the crew adore him. I will have to see to it that he is never placed in a position to try for the Pole without me. He just might.

I had a picture of him to show you but I must have misplaced it.

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