Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 November, 1910

As to clothing, I have calculated an allowance for 14lbs spare clothing per man for our Southern Journey. This includes personal items such as tobacco, note-books and reading material. 

Of course what each man decides to bring is up to him, but I strongly advise against anything that adds even an ounce extra, as we shall be carrying everything we need to survive. 

It will also be necessary to depot some personal supplies at various intervals as we get closer to the Pole. It doesn't seem a great deal, but after 700 miles, you feel everything you carry, and then you have 700 more miles to go. Everything also collects ice, which adds additional weight. 

We shall weigh supplies before our preparatory journeys before setting out and then upon return to see just how much of an increase there is. 

I shall have additional clothing in the form of my dress uniforms, naturally. 

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