Sunday, November 8, 2009

8 November, 1910

Asked Bowers to remind me how much liquor we're taking, in case we need more. He tells me:

Wincarnis ... 10 doz. bottles
Courvoisiers Brandy, YYO ... 10 cases
Wynard Fockink's Orange Curacao ... 2 cases
Orange Fine Champagne ... 1 case
Creme de menthe ... 2 cases
Old Portugal ... 6 dozen
Sherry ... 4 dozen
Chas Heidsieck ... 6 cases of pints
Whiskey 6 ... cases

Is it enough, though? We have at least two Christmases, Midwinter and Midsummer days, birthdays, special celebrations. 

I asked Bowers to keep an eagle eye on it all. Can't have any of it going "missing" before we sail. That young Gran has his eye on that Heidsieck, I've seen him. 

Oh, and 1,000 pints of lime juice. 
Got to keep the dread scurvy at bay. 

I could use a drink now, come to think of it. 

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