Saturday, November 6, 2010

6 November, 1911

Camp Four

We started in the usual order, arranging that full loads should be carried if the black dots to the south proved to be the motor. On arrival at these we found our fears confirmed. A note from Evans stated the old trouble. The big end of Engine No. 1 cylinder had cracked. Evidently the engines are not fit for working in this climate. The motor party has proceeded as a manhauling unit as arranged. I suppose that they will exhaust themselves long before we who have yet our ponies to haul for us. They are pulling loads of 450 lbs. My pony, Snippets, is pulling over 700 lbs, sledge included. We are all much cheered by this performance.

A blizzard threatened when we made camp so built walls for the ponies. They seem comfortable, though there isn't much snow. The new rugs cover them well. We learned to build high walls last year, so reaped some reward from that disastrous journey.

I write this late in the day, and the wind is so strong I fear we shall not be able to go on tonight. It is -5, lower than I like in a blizzard, and chilly in the tent. I have been observing clouds. It' all one can do.

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