Friday, November 12, 2010

11 November, 1911

Camp 8

It cleared somewhat just before we marched, but the snow which had fallen in the day remained soft and flocculent on the surface. I like that word, "flocculent." Add to this pits in between hard sastrugi and a worse surface for ponies can hardly be imagined. The crocks had had enough at 9.5 miles. I expected these marches to be difficult but near so bad as today. It is snowing again as we camp. It is difficult to make out what is happening to the weather—it is all part of the general warming up, but I wish the sky would clear.

In spite of the surface, the dogs ran up from the camp before last, over 20 miles, in the night. They are working splendidly so far.

I suppose you're going to ask me why I'm not following Nansen's advice and just using dogs at this point. I know I keep saying how well they are doing. You'll please keep your opinions to yourself.

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