Saturday, November 13, 2010

13 November, 1911

Camp 10

Another horrible march in terrible light, surface very bad. The ponies came through but they are being tried hard by the conditions. We followed tracks most of the way, neither party seeing the other except towards camping time. The crocks did well, all things considered; Jehu is doing extremely well for him. As we camped the sun came out and the cold chilly conditions of the march passed away, leaving everything calm, peaceful, and pleasant. One Ton Camp is only 17 miles away or so -- but I am anxious about these beasts, very anxious; they are not the ponies they ought to have been , and if they pull through all the thanks will be due to Oates. I trust the weather and surface conditions will improve; both are rank bad at present.

Yes, I know I should have sent Oates to buy better ponies. What was I thinking?

3PM: It has been snowing steadily for some hours, adding to the soft surface accumulation inch upon inch. What can such weather mean? If this should come as an exception, our luck will be truly awful. The camp is very silent and cheerless, signs that things are going awry.

The temperature in the middle of our tent this morning when the sun was shining on it was 50 degrees! Outside it was -10.

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