Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20 November, 1911

Camp 16

The crocks still go. Jehu seems a little better than yesterday, and will certainly go another march. Chinaman reported bad the first half march, but bucked up the second. The dogs found the surface heavy. Tomorrow I propose to relieve them of a forage bag. Victor is getting to look very gaunt. Nobby seems fitter and stronger than when he started; he alone is ready to go all his feed at any time and as much as he can get. The rest feed fairly well, but they are getting a very big strong ration. I am beginning to feel more hopeful about them. Christopher kicked the bow of his sledge in towards the end of the march. He much have a lot left in him though.

Temperature at night -14, now it is +4. A very slight southerly breeze, from which the walls protect the animals well. I feel sure that a long day's rest in the sun is very good for all of them.

I wonder what the men in the other tent talk about.

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