Friday, November 5, 2010

5 November, 1911

Camp 3, Corner Camp.

Found a very troubled note from Evans with the motor saying he can only go 7 miles per day. They have taken on nine bags of forage, but I can see three black dots to the south which we can only imagine are the deserted motor with its loaded sledges. The men have gone on as a supporting party, as directed. It is a disappointment. I had hoped better of the machines once they got away on the Barrier surface.

The ponies' appetites are fanciful. They do not like the oil cake, but for the moment seem to take to the fodder left here. They are off it again today, however. It is a sad pity they won't eat well now, because later on one can imagine how ravenous they will become.

Chinaman and Jehu will not go far I fear.

No fireworks for us tonight.

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