Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November, 1911

So this is it! We begin our great journey to the Pole.

This morning we left in detachments: Michael, Nobby and Chinaman were first to get away about 11am. Oates had to hold on to Christopher for all he was worth. Bones ambled off with Crean, I led Snippets in his wake. P.O. Evans and Snatcher passed us not long after.

We had dark skies and strong winds, which the ponies hate. Bowers and Victor passed me at Razorback, leaving me where I best wished to be - the tail of the line. It took us a little under five hours to get in to Hut Point, and none too soon; it is now blowing a gale.

I shall miss our old homestead at Cape Evans. I left photographs of Kathleen up on the walls instead of bringing them. I'll see her again in the Autumn when we return.

The photograph above is everyone but Clissold. And Ponting, of course. 

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