Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd November, 1911

Our march reminds me of a regatta or a somewhat disorganized fleet with ships of very unequal speed. The plan of further advance has now been evolved. We shall start in three parties — the very slow ponies, the medium paced, and the fliers. Snatcher starting last will probably overtake the leading unit. All this requires a good deal of arranging. We have decided to begin night marching, and shall get away after supper, I hope. The weather is hourly improving, but at this season that does not count for much.

At present the ponies are very comfortably stabled. Michael, Chinaman and James Pigg are actually in the hut. Chinaman kept us alive all night by stamping on the floor.

No doubt this will be their last night under a roof! I hope it's not also mine!

Meares and Dimitri are here with the dog team, and Ponting with a great photographic outfit. I fear he won't get much chance to get results.

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