Monday, June 7, 2010

5 June, 1911

The air is misty with snow crystals.The temperature has risen to +16 tonight. Everything seems to threaten a blizzard which cometh not. What is to be made of this extraordinarily high temperature heaven only knows. Went for a walk over the rocks and found it very warm and muggy.

Taylor gave a paper on the Beardmore Glacier. Now I'm all interested in glaciation. I take issue with the word "glaciated" though and seek to set the record straight about its misuse in recent years. I hold that it refers to land wholly or partly covered with ice and snow. Others feel it should refer to land shaped by former ice action.

What do they know? Have they climbed the Beardmore?

No doubt I shall be proved right by history.

I have been helping Oates design pony blankets. The great thing is to get something that will completely cover the hindquarters.

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