Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 June, 1911

Last night the temperature fell to -36, the lowest this year.

It was a beautiful day out of doors this morning; as the crescent moon was sinking in the west, Erebus showed a heavy vapour cloud.
I am glad to have had a good run on ski.

The Cape Crozier party are preparing for departure. I think Evan's new tent design is going to be a huge success and will go far to obviate the need for snow huts. Another new departure is the decision to carry eiderdown sleeping-bags instead of reindeer ones.

With such an arrangement the journey is bound to be comfortable, but when the bags get iced difficulties are pretty certain to arise.

Day has been creating a blubber stove. It will make a great difference to the party if they can manage to build a hut. With a satisfactory blubber stove it would never be necessary to carry fuel on a coast journey, and we shall deserve well of posterity if we can perfect one.

The Crozier journey will serve a number of ends. Each man is to experiment with a different food scale, with a view to determining the desired proportion of fats and carbohydrates. Wilson is also to try the effect of a double wind-proof suit instead of extra woolen clothing. The new crampons should also be a huge success.

Midwinter Day, the turn of the season, is very close; it will be good to have more light.

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