Tuesday, June 1, 2010

29 May, 1911

Another beautiful calm day. Went out before and after the mid-day meal. This morning we went to see what my dog was making a fuss about - it turned out to be a seal leopard, the second found in the Strait this season. We were compelled to secure it as a specimen, but it was sad to have to kill it. The long lithe body of this seal makes it almost beautiful in comparison with our stout, boated Weddells. The poor beast turned swiftly from side to side as we strove to stun it with a blow on the nose. As it turned it gaped its jaws wide, but oddly enough not a sound came forth, not even a hiss. After lunch a sledge was taken out to secure the prize. Here it is:

Ponting has been making much use of his flashlight now that it's dark almost all the time. He's been working on scenes from around the hut, like this one of Oates and Meares sitting around the blubber stove in the stables. Oates can't abide having his photograph taken, so I imagine this was quite a trail for him as Ponting had to take many exposures to make sure he got it.

Tonight Ponting gave a charming lecture on Japan. He has traveled there extensively, and his book, In Lotus Land was published just as we sailed last year. He is happiest when describing the artistic side of people, so he showed us the flower pageants. We saw mountains and gardens and temples and Budddhas, volcanoes, craters, waterfalls. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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