Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1 June, 1911

The wind blew hard all night, gusts reaching 72mph; the anemometer choked five times!

At least, when the wind is hard it improves our already good ventilation. Usually the action of fires serve to draw air and holes cut in our pipes remove foul air at higher levels. With all the men, cooking and smoking, this is very necessary. The condition of inside air must be a highly important factor in the preservation of health.

Today I regularized the pony names. Officially they are of course named after the schools which subscribed for their purchase. But you know sailors; they are inveterate nicknamers, and these have stuck.

Here follows the pony and school responsible for him, followed by the man to which he is assigned for walking.

James Pigg Invincible (HMS) Keohane
Bones South Hampstead Crean
Michael St. Paul's Clissold
Snatcher Bootham Evans (P.O)
Jehu Snooker King (individual sponsor)
Chinaman Altrincham
Christopher Bedales Hooper
Victor Lydney Bowers
Snippets Floreat Etona (Eton)
Nobby Manchester Lashly

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