Saturday, June 26, 2010

26 June, 1911

With a clear sky it was quite twilighty at noon today.

I like the word "twilighty."

Already such signs of day are inspiriting.

Taylor gave a most interesting lecture on the physiographic features of the region traversed by his party in the autumn. His mind is very luminous and clear and he treated the subject with a breadth of view which was delightful. The illustrative slides were made from Debenham's photographs, many of them were quite beautiful. Ponting tells me that Debenham knows quite a lot about photography.

Preparations for the Crozier party are now complete and the people will have to drag 253 lbs per man -- a big weight.

We are certainly within measurable distance of using blubber in the most effective way for both heating and lighting, and this is an advance which is of very high importance to the future of Antarctic Exploration.

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