Friday, June 4, 2010

3rd June, 1911

Weather still puzzling: at 4AM the wind suddenly got up to 30 mph from a dead calm. Almost instantaneously, certainly within the space of a minute, the temperature rose 9 degrees! It is the most extraordinary and interesting example of a rise in temperature with a southerly wind that I can remember. It is difficult to account for. When the wind arose the sky overhead was clearer than I ever remember to have seen it, the constellations brilliant, and the Milky Way like a bright auroral streamer.

The wind has continued all day, making going outside unpleasant. Went for a walk over black rock. Have been digging away at food statistics.

Simpson has given us a lecture about his instruments. I like him. He is admirable as a worker, scientist, and lecturer.

I wonder if anyone will remember my birthday?

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