Friday, June 25, 2010

25 June, 1911

Cherry hard at work on The South Polar Times

Cherry-Garrard pausing for a moment while editing The South Polar Times

Have had two quiet, uneventful days recovering from our Midwinter Festival. And to be sure, our heads were quite sore. I suspect some bottles of champagne were secreted away for future use by some of our company.

I have made no mention of Cherry's publication of The South Polar Times, presented to me on Midwinter Day. We initiated it on the Discovery Expedition; a compendium of anonymously submitted vignettes and articles, illustrated throughout, and bound (in this case by Day) in venesta and seal skin. I have successfully guessed the identity of most of the contributors.

The literary merit of this little volume is really of a high quality, though of course full of witticisms applicable to our own party.

Had a serious talk with Wilson about his upcoming Crozier trip.

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