Monday, June 28, 2010

28 June, 1911

"Where the (Queen's) Law does not carry it is irrational to exact an observance of other and weaker rules." — Rudyard Kipling.

Confident of his good intentions but doubtful of his fortitude.

"So far as I can venture to offer and opinion in such a matter, the purpose of our being in existence, the highest object that human beings can set before themselves is not the pursuit of any such chimera as the annihilation of the unknown; but it is simply the unwearied endeavor to remove its boundaries a little further from our little sphere of action." — Thomas Huxley.

That's from his critical examination of The Origin of Species. Wilson's quest for embryonic life in the Emperor penguin to help push those boundaries is very much on my mind.

I miss the Crozier Party. Lectures have ceased during its absence so it is very quiet.

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