Saturday, May 8, 2010

8 May, 1911

Tonight is my turn to give a lecture; I'm going to announce my plans for the Pole Journey. I've got it all planned out; the stages and distances; the times, the number of men, the sledges, the provisions for coming and going, the route. I know everyone's been curious as to what we'll be doing and who will be involved.

The plan will be to follow Shackleton's route, but with greater help from motor sledges and ponies in the early stages, we'll have a head start, thereby eclipsing his effort without fear of running out of supplies.

I don't trust the dogs at all, despite what Nansen says.

I'm pondering whether to ask everyone for their input to get a consensus on the method, because that will seem like I'm open to suggestion, and will be good for morale. But my mind is made up.

I can hear them setting up. I better go out and do this. Wish me luck.

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