Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3rd May, 1911

Another calm day, very beautiful and clear. Wilson and Bowers took some of the dogs out on sledges. I walked out over ice to North Bay. The newest leads hold ice 4 inches thick. I enjoy these walks, and when I sit to write I find myself often noting details of the weather. I don't know whether this is because I feel it is my duty to record such things or more a compulsion of being English. It feels terribly important to put the weather into words, even, if i look back over my notes, they tend to be the same dull words endlessly repeated. Somehow they seem unique at the time.

Tonight Simpson gave his inaugural lecture: "Coronas, Halos, Rainbows, and Auroras." I thought it fascinating and took many notes, like a schoolboy! Wilson looked over to see what I was so madly scribbling, but shook his head: he despairs of my handwriting and always has. Well, I can read it: that's what counts.

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