Saturday, May 1, 2010

30th April, 1911

Tonight we have been having a naming session: we are able to assign names according to tradition and the general rules, to all the small land features around us. What fun we have had with suggestions! Luckily, the bawdy ones came and went. There is much jolly fun to be had with so many cones and boulders and lumps and bumps. She is a lovely if cold continent, Antarctica.

After church went up Wind Vane Hill with Wilson. He misses Ory terribly and takes great solace in these long and punishing walks. I don't think the naming session helped him any though. He looked quite stricken, the poor chap.

The view is magnificent from up there on a clear day such as this, when there is still some daylight -- or rather twilight.

The storm pushed the ice out again so our poor people are still stuck at Hut Point.

All this talk of peaks and valleys. Think I'll turn in early tonight.

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