Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 May, 1911

Herbert Ponting

The Hut Point Party does not come. I ventured out well beyond Inacccessible Island till Hut Point and Castle Rock were within sight, out onto the last place the Straight was seen to be open water, and found the ice 9 inches thick. It was very slippery though. Perhaps Meares is waiting till it is 12 inches thick and not so slippery for the horses.

Still, I wish they would come.

Ponting entertained us all with a lecture on Burma illustrated with fine slides. He has rather florid language, but I suppose this is part of the artistic temperament. It was F-this and F-that; I rather think he got carried away with being able to hold the floor, and forgot that Officers were present. I don't doubt the men minded though. Bowers and Simpson chipped in with reminisces, since they have been there too. We ended up with quite an education on the land of pagodas, with interesting statements made about religion, art, and education, as well as the people's philosophic idleness. It reminds one of how far we've come.

So a real success.

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